Pasaulio AX6 ir AX7 laiko ir nuotolio rekordas

Congratulations to Pierrick Duvoisin on breaking the AX6 world duration record.
We are pleased to announce that Pierrick Duvoisin broke the AX6 and AX7 world duration records on the 17th February by flying 27 Hours 41 Minutes. (To be ratified)
Pierrick made this tremendous achievement using his Ultramagic M-56 specially produced for him by Ultramagic out of AEROFABRIX insulated fabric.
Congratulation Pierrick from the World Wide Ultramagic Team on a fantastic achievement.

– See below details of the flight,

AEROFABRIX insulated fabric is available exclusively from Ultramagic and can be supplied in a range of envelope options.



Pierrick Duvoisin – AX6 and AX7 Duration records Feb 2010
The flight took place on the 16th and 17th February 2010 in Switzerland and France.
Flight Duration 27 hr 41 min (existing AX 6 record is 23 hr 55 min and existing AX 7 is 24hr 11 min)
Distance Covered 455.42 Km
Maximum Speed 47.3KM/hr
Temperature at Take off -25 degrees C
Temperature at landing (France) +5 degrees C
Launch - 1065 m amsl Brévine (Switzerland)
Landing - 178 amsl 60km west of Charleville-Mézières (north of Reims - France)
Average Fuel Consumption – 9.3 Kg/h
Pierrick Duvosin - part quote.

“This flight was organised last minute and allowed us to take advantage of a small weather window that produced for us the great success of beating the world records for the AX6 and AX7 category. My absolute objectives would have been too beat 4 higher categories as well with this small balloon but the weather conditions dictated otherwise. However achieving 2 records so far is part achieving the goal and I am sure that the balloon will be able to fly for an extra 10 hours under the correct conditions.
The flight was terminated with fuel still on board due to bad weather conditions of wind and rain at the end of the flight. Also the second part of the flight although at night of 11 hr was particularly warm due to the approach of a warm front weather system. This created unstable conditions which also affected the fuel consumption. But for the first flight this was a very good experience. This balloon is definitely the best performer on the market.
Thank you Josep (Ultramagic) for our magnificent collaboration that has created without doubt the balloon of the future.


25 02 2010 N84 1
25 02 2010 N84 2
25 02 2010 N84 9
25 02 2010 N84 5
25 02 2010 N84 7
25 02 2010 N84 8

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